Vdub said it loud and clear 11-15-16. Food fads come and go. I have friends who are retired RD’s. And oh the stories! Common sense tells us what is good and bad for our health. BUT, I must get my two cents in.There is NO food cure for Wegeners. It is a vile, dangerous disease. Alysia has lost a dearly loved one to it. Others have spent months in hospital.
Our lives and the lives of our loved ones have changed. Honestly, a Friggin Food Cure!
We may not be doctors, but we encourage each other to go and ask questions. This site has been my lifeline and my information center. I hear good stories of remission, vacations, normalcy resumed all after traditional treatment. There is good medicine available to us. Some may not have the means for it, but others have given them resources to turn.
One recent trick an RN told me about when I was complying about my pie face-tumeric. Loud and clear, this is not to replace your steroid, it is to be used to bring the puff down. I have been using it, not a miracle, but it helps.
Like so many of you have said there are foods to avoid while on Prednisone. I avoid all fast food, fried food, limit red meat. When it comes to sweets, I do not deny completely. For me it is better to have an occasional cupcake, than deny myself and go haywire with a dozen. Sweets and steroids are a bad match, so I only take protein prior to Prednisone. If pasta, potatoes and rice are in your DNA, then use moderation.
JUST ME, since you have been on this site for two years, then you know what we are all about. We have opened our hearts to each other and given counsel. Since you ‘know this forum to be pretty stren for those who choose a different course of action.’ Your words verbatim. Then why are you here?