HI Weggies!

Has anyone taken




My neurologist suggested the provigil for wegeners stroke damage causing neurolgical fatigue along with wegs fatigue.

The Lamictal is to try and reduce a negative glucocorticoid reaction to prednisone. However, the lamictal has a vasculitis warning, albeit small. So I'm wondering if anyone has tried it with wegs and if it triggered their wegs.

The provigil seemed like the least of all evils for permanent brain damage from the wegeners in the brain. They use adderrall and ritalin usually but I'm not willing to take those. As far as I can tell I don't see any NIH studies showing a auto immune or vasculitis connection. National Library of Medicine seems to show that provigil is fairly safe but wanted to check with the world of wegeners experts here GPA SI!

Thanks my brothers and sisters!