Your husband sounds great. Looking at your avatar I assumed 'Jax' was HIM. It's a nice photo of both of you.
I think if you read here for a while and talk with people you will start to absorb what we call "the new normal". Many of us here have had to adapt to a changed life because of wegener's.
I myself have had the illness for about 37 years. I have written volumes here about my adventures so I won't take up your time with that. The good news is that life goes on.

The old saying "when one door is closed , another is opened" certainly applies. Some times it takes a while to find the other door. That is when it can be a bit depressing. But, having been through many , many things I can say with certainty something new is born from each thing that seems to pass away. Keep on doing whatever it is that is feeding your positive vibe.
Enjoy the fact that things are rather uneventful for you right now. I am doing something like that myself.

Just three days ago I was in the hospital getting trachael dilation for the third time (over several years) and today I did some gardening. Talked to my chickens. Talked to a neighbor.
I had a good day today in part because I have gotten better (not perfect) at taking a day at a time.

We had another beautiful soul in our group named Barbara. I remember that she too found that kids were easier to be around. So, lets hang around more kids.

Right now I am trying to loose prednisone weight too. You are an inspiration and I will think of you this week as I work my program. I love the line from an Anthony Hopkins movie
(make a gender adjustment ) "What one man can do - another man can do" We can do a LOT