In order to participate in the forums you need to register.

1. Fill out the form here: http://www.wegeners-granulomatosis.c...m/register.php
2. You will get a confirmation email to the email address you signed up with. Click the link in this email to confirm your email address.
3. This step might be a bit tedious: Everyone gets manually approved so there will be a wait after step 2 before you can participate in the forums. If you need your registration approved ASAP, email [email protected] and include your login name.

1. If you haven't received your confirmation email within two hours please email me [email protected]
2. After your signup is manually approved YOU MIGHT be placed in 'MODERATED STATUS'. This means that after you post there may be a delay in people seeing it because your post will get manually approved. This isn't personal - it's just a step for new people to prevent spamming. MODERATED STATUS will be lifted pretty quickly though so please keep posting.

Hope that helps!

Oh...if you have any questions regarding the above please email me: [email protected]