It's been a long while since I was active with the forum but I have had some changes since I was on here last. Roughly a year ago I developed a sore throat and lost my voice. Turns out I had strep. A month later the voice still hadn't returned to normal and I began to have difficulty with breathing. Turns out it was sub glottic stenosis w a 30% obstruction. I underwent treatment w Rituximab. I have been in remission since. A few weeks ago I developed a raspy voice w no other symptoms and so I saw my rheumy. All labs were normal. She put me on Bactrim and prednisone. I improved over the course of the prednisone. A week ago, after completing the prednisone, the voice is hoarse again and I have some cough w phlegm occasionally. Still no other symptoms. But my question is can the prednisone alone control this type of flare? (Since the prednisone had cleared up my symptoms while I was on it) Or- should I pursue Rituximab again- which would be my third round of it since my original diagnosis. I have moved to a rural area w no specialists so I will have to travel to Denver for treatment. This complicates my situation a bit. Any experience w flares associated with tracheal stenosis would be appreciated.