I haven't posted for a year when I was first diagnosed with a flare up after 25 years of being in remission on no meds. Since then I've had 3 cyclo infusions and was on 60mg pred, I'm now down to 2mg pred and I'm on 1.5g of mycophenlate a day. I've just seen my rheumatologist and I have to stay on 2mg for 6 months and then if everything Ok go down to 1mg and then off the pred. I'll have to stay on mycophenlate for two years and then reduce dose and stay on that forever. I knew I would have to stay on the mycophenlate prob forever but it seems a long time to get off the pred one year! As anyone else taken this long to get off the pred, I've been on it one year so far. At least my moon face has now gone and I only put on a bit of weight about 5 kilos which I can't seem to get off. Do these maintenance meds sound correct, I know everyone is on different medication. I was hoping to get off all meds eventually but it doesn't look like that will happen. Apparently, its unusual to have a relapse after so long and he doesn't want to risk me having another. He said all inflammation had gone which I took to mean that I am in remission as I feel quite well and all symptoms have gone. He said the side effects of the meds outweigh the benefits, which I suppose is true I just hate to take all the medication. Also is anyone taking mycophenlate three times a day as most people seem to take it twice a day which would be easier.