Hi Gang,

My doc passed this info on to me and allowed me to pass it on.

There is a Vasculitis Symposium in Calgary Alberta, Canada on October 2, 2014.

Patients are welcome and on this PDF there is a link to a lady who will book you into the day talks. https://findthecommonthreaddotcom.fi...ay-program.pdf

There is an evening component, but the link to the tickets isn't working. I see my doc on Friday so I'll ask for more details on linking up, or maybe Lisa (the contact from the day events) might be able to help if you want to be there for the evening. Here's the evening PDF - https://findthecommonthreaddotcom.fi...ning-forum.pdf

It would be cool to use this as an opportunity for us to meet each other in person if you're living in Alberta. That's one of the goals for the docs (network) and it should be for us too. I've sent an email to register, so hopefully we'll see you there.

Peace y'all.