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Thread: Expanding our coverage

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    ....if the home page reflected links to DIFFERENT forums for different diseases, that could be cool.
    I don't think anyone would care if you went ahead and did that, Mike. Normally, if you register a domain, the registrar will allow you to forward the URL to an active domain.

    For instance, several years ago when they renamed wegners as GPA, I registered the name wegeners-gpa just in case we ever wanted to use it. Last year, I transfered the domain to Andrew and it remains parked and unused. However, the domain does redirect to this domain. Click here --> and you'll be redirected to this forum.

    As long as any redirected URLs were tasteful and previously approved by Andrew, you could buy and redirect as many as you wanted. However, before you start doing that, even parked domains have cost associated with them (about$15/yr) and the tactic probably wouldn't reap the results you're looking for. How a site is ranked on a search is a little more complex than that. There are entire businesses devoted to search ranking for web sites.
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