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Hi Alysia,
How are you doing with the weg's and all this stress?
I hope you are doing well.
You and Phil sure shared some great moments and made an awesome couple.
Thank you. you are very kind and supportive.
my wg is in remssion for months, thanks to my sweet Phil who adviced me what to ask for and what to look for in my treatment. Dr. Phil was the best. I am on pred 5 mg a day and rtx every 6 months. I just had IV 2 weeks after I was back from Canada. it was extremely sad, because usually on previous rtx-days, Phil was chatting with me untill I fell asleep. now it felt so lonely without him....
so my body is ok, but my soul is bleeding.... I miss Phil all the time. it helps a bit to remember the beautiful times we shared together and his sweet precious love, but then I start crying again.... I miss him so much, that I am exhausted from this sharp pain.... endless tears....