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Thread: Symptoms

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    My name is Lisa and I am a regular on this sight, but have not been visiting more than 2-3 times a weeks lately. So I just realized you were asking for help with stenosis. I'm you gal!
    I had stenosis and even had to wear a trach for 7 1/2 months, so maybe I can answer any questions you may have. I know for me they did some tests to determine the extent of my stenosis (which was bad btw). It was determined that I was breathing through an opening about the size of a stir stick straw prior to my surgery (ies) My surgery for stenosis was Oct 20, 2008. The scariest day of my life....but it turned out to be a good thing and very uneventful, so do not fear it, it helps!
    I did have to wear a trach for 7 1/2 months which I fought the first two months but them came to accept the trach more and more. I got it taken out in June of this year, the day before my daughters graduation party! If I was told I'd have to have it in for the rest of my life, I could have lived with that. But of course, now that it is out...I do not want it back in!

    Things are not perfect yet and I am still on that dreaded pred along with MXT and other counteractive to the pred meds (eg folic acid, zantac etc)
    My trouble now seems to be mainly in my sinuses and yes sometimes my throat seems to swell, but I know it is not my trach because I can still do hills and steps and a brisk walk without passing out as I did prior to my surgery. It is primary allergy season for me right now (harvest time and farmers digging out those plants with allergen floaties all over) so with my list of excuses (one of the reasons I got so bad to begin with) I am hoping for more clear nasal and sinus cavities in the future.

    Currently to answer a post from Sangye, I am awaiting blood test results, then if there is a potential for problem, I will be looking for a Weg specialist who also specializes in ENT business in Rochester, MN. That is only a few hours away from my home. I am feeling great otherwise and I do sinus rinses twice a day if not more and that seems to help.

    Any them my way.

    LIsa Coffeelover

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    Doug Guest


    I can vouch for Lisa's remarkable endurance. When visiting here, her husband and I had to scold her for running all over the place at Carhenge, including going up and down hills! This was a month or less after getting the trach out. If I hadn't known she had WG, I'd never have guessed it!

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