Lisa (and anyone else who wants to post photos in an album)-

You can post up to 60 photos in an album of your photos or pictures you like by:

1. clicking on either UserCP or Quick Links above

2. click on Pictures & Albums in Networking menu (the last option)

3. click on Add Album

4. fill in the Title and Description boxes, then hit the Submit box

5. hit Click Here To Upload Pictures below the box that comes up after you complete step 4

6. hit Browse box; your computer files will come up

7. locate a photo you want to upload, left-click on it to select it

8. hit Open, which uploads the file; you can upload three at a time as there are three Browse boxes (step 6, above)

While it looks complex, it is fairly straight forward once you've done it. You'll be given the option of making it a public or private album. Anyone who wants to look at it (including you!) needs to:

1. hit Members above

2. use the Locate Member quick search feature by typing in the name the member uses on the forum (for example, I use doug)

3. double-left click on the member's name

4. go to the right side of the member's personal information page, to Mini Statistics, then scroll down till you find Albums

5. double-left click on the album name to open up the album

I'm not aware of any specific way members will know if a member has an album short of the member noting it in a posting, then intyerested members following the five steps immediately above.

Whew! You asked for it. Toyota. Select this posting and click on Copy, Paste this on a MicroSoft Windows Word page, the print it for easier reference when you try this out. I, incidentally, have an album set up, with weird pictures that include many you've seen so far as avatars on my postings.