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Thread: 22--POLY- & MONO-CLONAL ANTIBODIES USED FOR WG (Anybody else seen this?)

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    Default 22--POLY- & MONO-CLONAL ANTIBODIES USED FOR WG (Anybody else seen this?)

    22--POLY- & MONO-CLONAL ANTIBODIES USED FOR WG: (Note - Most not used extensively). A family of drugs coming onto market that promises to be effective, but perhaps expensive are monoclonal antibodies (ABs). The use of murine (mouse) derived antibodies is giving way to humanized or fully human antibodies that are less likely to cause allergic reactions. Newer drugs are being developed to target the particular cytokines that cause the immune system malfunctions, rather than attacking a broad range of cells not involved in inflammation.
    OKT3 (Orthoclone) has been used to treat autoimmune vasculitis, but with serious side effects. It is a murine monoclonal anti-lymphocyte antibody, which has recently been humanized and modified so it doesn't bind to Fc receptors. The newer version is known as Aglycosyl CD3 antibody. More testing is required prior to human use.
    Treatment with one murine monoclonal AB, CAMPATH-1H (Alemtuzumab, anti-CD52) used to deplete lymphocytes, has been effective both in patients with primarily cell-mediated disease, and somewhat to the researcher's surprise, it also worked very well in patients with autoantibodies, e.g. Wegener's granulomatosis.
    At least one Australian patient reports effective treatment with Campath in the U.K., though it may have been an earlier version of Campath that was used in that case. Campath has been approved by the FDA for use in treating B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Presumably, any U.S. physician could prescribe it if she/he deems it advantageous and safe, and it may be used for WG in the U.S. in the future.
    It has been reported, "A regimen of humanized monoclonal anti-lymphocyte antibodies (mAB) was used as successful intervention for intractable Wegener's granulomatosis. (Exactly what drug was not specified in the source).
    The combination of CAMPATH-1H followed by CD4 antibody has been able to induce remission in some patients with vasculitis that had become resistant to CAMPATH-1H as well as all conventional therapies.
    Trials of anti-CD18 antibody (LDP-01) antibody to treat autoimmune vasculitis and in kidney transplantation have been carried out. Some success with treating vasculitis has been reported.
    Recently at least one case of refractory WG was put into remission by a combination of glucocorticoids, and Rituximab (Mabthera, an anti-CD-20 monoclonal AB used to deplete B-cells).
    15-Deoxysperbualin (DSG) has show to be effective in treating WG patients with refractory disease.

    E. coli enterotoxin EtxB has been shown to be a potent immunomodulatory molecule capable of treating and preventing autoimmune disease in mice. Human testing is currently limited.

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    Sounds promising and one step closer to Al's dream of fixing our broken immune systems instead of just keeping them in a weakened state.


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