Dear Wegs,

Its been five years since you and I met and have become partners for life. You have definitely brought many tears (and not joy) the last five years. It is with great enthusiam that I write you this letter.

In looking back at our relationship I could never muster the strength you sapped away from me. Your constant aching reminders coupled with a few; err many pounds gained has given me the joy of knowing you will never leave me. You put me on a pill diet, had me go through a lung biospy and scarred me with your love, that I can never forget. And just when I thought that you and I were a pair, I find you spreading your ecstacy worldwide. Knowing I was in an emotional state I seeked others and found a forum only to discover other gruntled lovers you have layed in your past.

Even after I forgave you and introduce you to my families and friends you had the nerve to change your name to Granuloma with Polyangitis....what did you think, I WAS NEVER GOING TO FIND OUT!

Although you have hurt me physically and emotionally, I know your love for me will be endless and for that, my body aches for your constant reminder that we willl never part ways.

Happy anniversary WG know I still call you that. Thank you for five years of BLISS (MISERY), JOY (ANGER) and HAPPINESS (SADNESS).

Love me!