This paper had some interesting things:
Treatment of ANCA-associated vasculitides (AAV)

Unfortunately access is limited, so I suppose you need to be on a university computer or such to be able to retrieve it.

It mentioned MTX could be used for remission induction in non-organ threathening conditions and as maintenance.

It mentioned that the main cause of death is infections (about 50% of deaths) instead of active vasculitis. They refered to this study about it:
Early mortality in systemic vasculitis: relative contribution of adverse events and active vasculitis.

Early mortality in systemic vasculitis: relati... [Ann Rheum Dis. 2010] - PubMed - NCBI

If I understood correctly it also said that RTX isn't necessary safer than Cyclos (something about safery profile?) but had some other benefits.

You do really have to take my comments with a large grain of salt. I mean I've read my share of academic papers in the past, but none of them have been related to medicine and I had a hard time understanding many of the comparisons since I know so little about all of this. Also I wasn't particularly interested in reading abotu RTX or cyclos since there are no plans for me to use either.

I did find it really interesting to know that infections kill more of us than the actual disease (assuming I understood that correctly).

Maybe a bit off-topic but I'm not really sure how much time I want to spend reading scientific articles about this disease though. While I do think its important for me to know how this disease works and what to expect, but then again the comparisons of different studies doesn't really give much to me. I suppose I'll just continue browsing the forums hoping for some interesting tid-bits and hope the facts have been at least somewhat peer-reviewed by member here who have a better understanding about the subject than I do. Also I think practical guides are much more beneficial for me, like the advice given by many of the members who have had this condition for years.