Please visit our weggies member map and put in a punch pin for your location. Any color punch pin is fine, however the candle and sunflower are reserved. The candle is currently being used for those of us who have passed. The sunflower is not currently used, but might be used at some time in the future for some other special situation.

To attach your punch pin, click on Additions, then select Simple Addition. Enter your pin name or real name, location, and select a marker color, then click submit.

To see a listing of members, click on the double-arrow in the upper-left corner of the map and a list will slide out from the left. The list is in alphabetical order and you can click on a name in order to zoom in to their location. You can also zoom the map in to your location if you want to see where other weggies live close to you.

If you need assistance in any way, send a PM to vdub or drz. Enjoy…The Weggies Member Map