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Thread: Kim's thoughts on hospitals

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    Default Kim's thoughts on hospitals

    **Relocated from the original site by Andrew**

    Sanity? How long can you hold on to it in the hospital? How many licks does it take to lose your mind, and how do you know when you've started to lose it.....

    Not only do start watching Jerry Springer, you enjoy it.

    You find infomercials informing and entertaining.

    You sleep with your arm off the side of the bed so the vampires who draw your blood dont wake you up.

    You know the hospital menu by heart, and start looking forward to sandwich day.

    You start hording condiments, bandages, and toiletries in an effort to obtain a survival kit because you will inevitably be missing these items or not get them at all.

    You start using your call button as a source of entertainment.

    You start looking forward to tests because it means you get to leave your room for a while.

    And finally you know where are the emergency exits are located!

    - Kim
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    Diagnosed March 2003.
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    Wow - I thought I was the only one! By the time the docs figured out what was wrong and what to do about it, I was pretty sick. Then the steroids and the cyclo turned into sepsis which turned into coma.....8 months straight in the hospital is a long time. I didn't do so much of the Jerry Springer although I did learn to cook at last watching cooking shows every hour of every day!!


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