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  1. Re: Thoughts About Breakup Reconciliation?

    So in general, would your opinion be that reconciliation only really happens under exceptional circumstances and not so much as a norm? Also, were there any key defining moments or turning points...
  2. Thoughts About Breakup Reconciliation?

    I came across an interesting article the other day about breakups, where the authors actually conducted a study on breakup reconciliation (s=5000), in order to analyze and subsequently discuss if...
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    Re: Coping with stress on current pandemic

    Agreed but I think that the main reason this virus will continue to plague certain countries even long after the vaccine has been found and distributed won't have anything to do with the strength of...
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    Re: Your Thoughts on Dying.

    I personally feel that dying is something that will always remain a paradox no matter how we look at it. I mean... we cease to exist in death and in that moment, none of our past thoughts, concerns,...
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