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    Re: Imuran Side Effects

    So update time I guess? It has been a really active week or so. Basically I kept my trend of feeling like crap. On Thurday Sep 26th, I started to feel disoriented in the evening after my dose. I...
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    Re: Imuran Side Effects

    Pete, I did indeed have that test done about a week before. It came back totally fine so we started. It has just been really really rough so far. My doc told me what to expect, but man, this is...
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    Imuran Side Effects

    I wanted to check in with my fellow GPA friends. I hope you all are well. My question pertains to those of you who have taken or are taking Imuran. I have recently been swapped over to Imuran by my...
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    Re: Azathioprine - Mycophenolate mofetil

    This is interesting news, as I am have been on Rtx since the hospital (2 years ago in November). By that I mean I have had my doses every 6 months, starting at 2 units, now up to 4. I was on...
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    Re: 1000mg or 2000mg rtx ?


    My treatment was originally 2x 1000mg doses with them being one week apart. My last two infusions have been 4x 1000mg infusions one week apart. I am also a 6'6" tall guy and about 300lbs....
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    Re: Hello from Shawny

    Welcome Shawny, I do totally understand that feeling as well. I am almost 2 years on from my diagnosis and I remember it being quite a trip. I imagine it being more difficult with the involvement of...
  7. Thread: Transplant

    by Mattieus

    Re: Transplant

    Ok, I am not going to lie: The ups and downs of this post had me clicking to the next page as quickly as possible just to see what happened next. I really do truly wish the best for you. I hope all...
  8. Re: Diagnosed in Dec 2017, just now getting around to saying hello

    Oh, I forgot to address your questions: My kidney function is at 100% luckily now. The nephrologist who oversaw my care in the ICU was *stellar* and he was the one with the hunch of what I had. He...
  9. Re: Diagnosed in Dec 2017, just now getting around to saying hello

    Thank you for all of the kind replies. To answer a few questions:

    I left the hospital taking Levimir (for blood sugar wackiness due to extended high doses of steroids), Lebetalol and another blood...
  10. Diagnosed in Dec 2017, just now getting around to saying hello

    Hello, I've visited here previously but now I decided to share my story and join the forum.

    I was 32 at the time of my diagnosis, something that came as a total surprise to me, as I imagine it...
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