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    Re: Third Vaccine

    I got the 1st and 2nd Moderva in April, my last Rituxan was December 2020. Iím on prednisone and methotrexate. Had antibodies test in July that came back negative. Doctor ok 3 rd shot In July. Will...
  2. Re: Dr. Appt. - Vaccine did not work (no antibodies)

    Hi not trying to do anything illegally. 1st and 2nd shots where threw the local government. My D said go ahead with a 3rd shot. You can try any store thatís doing coronavirus shots.
  3. Re: Dr. Appt. - Vaccine did not work (no antibodies)

    Good morning to all. I got a 3rd shot. My last Rituxan was December 2020. Iím on 4mg prednisone a day. 12.5 Methotrexate one dose a week. I got may first Mod shot end of March. Second Mod shot end of...
  4. How was my Health before coming down with GPA Vascular

    I was just wondering it there is a common tread to coming down with GPA Vascular. Such as surgery, to much antibiotics, sepsis. Also how long for people living with GPA? Iím not trying to be morbid....
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    Re: New old guy on the block

    Thank you for your story. Iím coming close to one year with GPA. It gives me strength to keep going on. Getting over my first flare-up. Got my first coronavirus shot last week. Glad itís turning...
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    Re: Biosimilar for rituximab

    Good news. I just hope the cost are much lower. In June of 2020 I got the 4 week infusion for Rituxan. The cost that the infusion center charged 54,000 for each week(the Rituxan and cost to get...
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