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    Re: Wegners in ears

    Most of my secondary symptoms have involved my ears. The first wave of GPA (2 years ago) was like a super bad head cold that just wouldn't go away. About three months later after the head cold...
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    Sticky: Re: How to know when you're having a flare

    I have GPA that's really been limited to the nose and eustachian tubes. In my case, the question I have had is "how do I know if I am in remission or not?" The short answer is: in my case it's...
  3. Re: EustachianTube Dysfunction: Balloon Dilation

    Just bumping this thread with an update. My consult last year made it clear to me that a dilation a) might make things better, or b) worse or c) do nothing at all. So, I went ahead and put up with...
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    Re: Methotrexate without Prednisone

    I wonder what her C-ANCA and PR3-ANCA numbers are? CRP is a little too general and not specific to Wegener’s. I have been on MTX, Bactrim and Folic Acid for nine months now.

    Initially, my rheumy...
  5. Re: EustachianTube Dysfunction: Balloon Dilation

    good info. my new ent thinks he can get the procedure covered but the balloon may be out of pocket for me. He suspects the problems in my right ear may be due to patulous (always open) et....
  6. Re: EustachianTube Dysfunction: Balloon Dilation

    drz - to a great degree tinnitus is a nervous system issue, I agree. I had none in the tubed ear prior to getting the tube, although my hearing is better in that ear now than in the untubed ear,...
  7. Re: EustachianTube Dysfunction: Balloon Dilation

    Thanks for the input. me2. My ENT told me my tube would last about a year and I have gotten that and a little more out of it. Like you, my hearing returned in the tubed ear albeit with some tinnitus....
  8. Re: EustachianTube Dysfunction: Balloon Dilation

    thanks for the feedback DD
  9. EustachianTube Dysfunction: Balloon Dilation

    First post, I looked around and didn't see anything on this topic. My ENT put a tube in my left ear to relieve the otitis media, which it did. They tend to fall out after a year or so, so I'm...
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    Diagnosed a year and a half ago

    Hey All,

    Christmas Day 2017 (60 years old at the time) came down with what I thought was a bad cold. Lots of sneezing, runny nose. Fever. Controlled with OTC drugs but it was a longer than usual...
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