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    Atlanta recommendations (again)?

    Please keep me informed if you find a doctor in Atlanta with experience with wg.
    I am going on 3 years.
    I see a KAISER rheumatologist.
    But I think I am the only one he sees with WG.

  2. Re: many members work with this illness

    Wow my Doctor never gave me. Remission time frame. He said it could take years or never and just take the meds to maintain.
    Once the current meds stop controlling it look into stronger medicine
  3. Re: many members work with this illness

    What was the Doctors reason for you not to be able to work.

    Ive had WGA for 3 years and only missed 3 days of work because I was in the hospital.
    Beside joint pains and felling wore out and...
  4. Thread: New Weggie

    by Tim wga

    Re: New Weggie

    I have glaucoma from the pred medicine.
    My pressure has been over 50. safe levels should be under 20.
    On top of Weg medicine I take 3 different eye drops 3 times a day.

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  5. Re: Hello! Freshly diagnosed, New to the Forum, Here’s My Story.

    When I have flare up my shoulders and arms lock up
    It normally take a month at 60 mg of pred to get the flare up down. I maintain at 15 mg of pred and methotrexate. But they always try the slowly...
  6. Re: Six months in and just taken off Predisone. Retuzin infusions every six months.

    Were you on methotrexate??

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    Pete I was on prednisone for year and got down...

    I was on prednisone for year and got down to 1 mg per in November. But in December everything went back to day one.
    C proactive protein levels when to 15 . One is high.
    Now I am on 40 mg per...
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    Hi Jeanette I am also a newbie I think my...

    Hi Jeanette
    I am also a newbie
    I think my doctor is going to start me on Rituxan in March. My methotrexate is not working and once I stop taking the prednisone my shoulders and all my joints lock...
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