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  1. Re: Some questions my doctor hasn't answered (well a lot of questions LOL)

    That's so awesome that you've moved it ahead. Yay!
    Don't listen to me on detail stuff because all of us are a little different, and I'm a bit of a know-it-all, but if I have any advice for changing...
  2. Thread: Forum activity

    by marta

    Re: Forum activity

    Me too. 2010.

    This feels like the old rat pack on here.
    My Wegener's Boot Camp.

    Man we spent a lot of time together, didn't we?
    We shared the joys, the pains, the insights, the coping...
  3. Re: Some questions my doctor hasn't answered (well a lot of questions LOL)

    Awww, thank you! I'm glad anything I said helps. I really do ramble on though, ha ha

    Without a doubt in my mind, I can say that the people on this forum saved my life in my early days/months. It's...
  4. Re: Some questions my doctor hasn't answered (well a lot of questions LOL)

    Hey Arlene,

    I'm gonna give this a crack too. Everything Pete said is gold, I'm gonna add my own spin to it, as this thing hits us all differently, but the overall arching theme is the same. I'm...
  5. Re: Happy birthday!!

    Funny story....

    I remember one day realizing that Jack's avatar was Leonard Cohen. I had, up until that point, always imagined Jack looking that 'gentlemanly' way when I read his brilliant posts....
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    Re: Let's talk about "limited" Wegeners...

    I'm totally with you Sam.

    Calling a systemic disease 'limited' only adds a descriptor of how it has behaved thus far. And the thing about systemic disease is that it goes through the entire...
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    Re: Any virtual workout buddies out there?

    I'm so happy to see this thread is still alive... after all these years.

    This is so cool Pete. Right on brother!

    Stay well, and keep on working out.

  8. Re: Rituximab Might Be Only Immunosuppressive Raising Mortality Risk in COVID-19

    I'm sorry but I'm gonna lob a little explosive thought.

    If we know that the purpose of RTX is B cell ablation (meaning it kills most if not all B-cells in the body - depending on the infusion...
  9. Re: Happy birthday!!

    Thank YOU Andrew for creating this bad boy.

    I strongly believe that this site saved my life. Probably more than once. We also got ourselves published with you adding the link to the survey monkey...
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    Re: Happy New Year Old Friends

    I'm going to bring up that weird little speech by Arnold last week, where he brought up his Conan sword, and talked about the process of tempering a sword. How to make a sword get stronger it takes...
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    Happy New Year Old Friends

    Hello gang, and a very Happy New Year to all of you and your loved ones.

    I wish you all an abundance of health, joy, laughter, love, and prosperity for the year ahead.

    I was contemplating...
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    Re: Thankful to find this forum

    Hi Dave,

    I feel absolutely the same about this forum.
    I got diagnosed in 2010, and my first foray into Wegener's was a Facebook page, but I absolutely hated it as it felt like a 'who has it worse...
  13. Thread: Statistics

    by marta

    Re: Statistics

    Thank you Richard for this awesome tidbit about Dr. Fauci and his contribution to me being alive today. Because of this moment, I have a whole new respect and appreciation for this man.
  14. Thread: Feedback needed

    by marta

    Re: Feedback needed

    And I should add that you're awesome, amazing, astonishing, awe-inspiring, and I'm super grateful for your work for over a decade for sure (I just had my 10 year anniversary in May, and you were long...
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    Re: COVID 19 and Wegener's - musings

    Thanks drz, I just signed up.

    Also, I found this pre-publication out for peer review which I imagine was the source for the article I linked above, but I sent it to my doc in Edmonton, and she...
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    Re: COVID 19 and Wegener's - musings

    I just got a great article sent to me by Geoff via Sam (thanks you two).
    It talks about this very thing. Much much more articulate than my blabbing.
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    COVID 19 and Wegener's - musings

    Hi y'all,

    It's been a while. Ready for another LOOOONG Marta post? LOL
    Well here it comes.

    Needless to say, I'm sure we're all thinking about this new world order (C-19) and how it relates to...
  18. Thread: My story...

    by marta

    Re: My story...

    Hey Smashing, nice to meet you, sorry it's on these terms.

    My name is Marta and I live in Jasper, but originally from Edmonton where the BEST Vasculitis doc in Canada works out of.
    To me - from...
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    Re: Rituximab V Azathiioprine (Imuran) advise

    Hi Ben, so good to hear things are looking up.

    The advice you got above is amazing. I can say without a doubt that the advice I got on this forum from this group saved my life more than once. I...
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    Re: Probiotics ? No Thanks..

    I think this is very interesting. I've been a probiotic fan for a long time, however not in the form of pills or supplements. I've only popped probiotic supplements when I've been in Mexico and have...
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    Re: Hi there Marta - PJ Day Parade

    Thanks gang.
    Wow. Can't believe you found this.

    I'm low key because I'm flaring again.... tis the season, ha ha ha.
    Been waiting on RTX, and going in Tuesday (3rd) for a shot of the magic...
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    Re: Vancouver, BC, Canada?

    Hey Sue,

    I didn't get the private message you said you sent on here. But I'm curious. Why does Dr. Dehgan want you to stay with your original rheumatologist? Is it because your diagnosis is not...
  23. Re: Searching for anybody that has connected their WG to vaccines.

    Back at ya bro.

    May 2018 be the best one yet.

  24. Re: Searching for anybody that has connected their WG to vaccines.

    You guys are awesome. Great link Bing. Thanks.
    It's so nice to not have to argue about what went down in your own case with people who were clearly not there, and just show them the science.
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    Re: Hospitalized currently praying for a miracle

    I just wanted to pipe in and say how sorry I am to hear that your family is going through this. I've often said that I think it's harder for our loved ones to watch us be sick than it is for us to be...
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