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  1. Re: Anyone here receive Evusheld for covid prevention?

    Two weeks since booster. Will get tested in two more weeks to see if there was any response. If not, doctor is ready to prescribe Evusheld and says he has ample supply. Of course, that was before...
  2. Thread: Ongoing Pain

    by Blake

    Re: Ongoing Pain

    Ljj - I was diagnosed in December 2018 (at age 48). Sinus, lung and kidney involvement as well as 2 pulmonary emboli that developed while in the hospital. Spent 2 weeks in the hospital and had 7...
  3. Re: Rituximab Might Be Only Immunosuppressive Raising Mortality Risk in COVID-19

    Waiting for results from third Pfizer shot from 2 weeks ago. Did not respond to the first 2 vaccine shots (Pfizer). Not sure whether to hope for some kind of response to the booster or to hope for no...
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