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  1. Andrew's tips for your hospital stay
  2. Kim's thoughts on hospitals
  3. Keep a diary
  4. My only son Died from WG
  5. Back In, Back Out
  6. Tips for Dealing with Doctors
  7. Hospital Stay
  8. Wegeners Special Interest Doctors
  9. where can i Find A WG Doc?
  10. Tips for Surviving a Hospital Stay
  11. wishing for .....
  12. The Emory Clinic
  13. Irritating!
  14. Doctors - Sydney, Australia
  15. Melbourne Wegners Experts?
  16. How to Stay (sort of) Safe in the Hospital
  17. please advise
  18. Dr Hellmann at JHU
  19. Dr. Appt Today
  20. Gallbladder problems
  21. Trying to get an appointment...
  22. Just got out of Hospital
  23. New Flair
  24. Back from MAYO
  25. ?Limited Wegeners
  26. Doctors Receptionists....any tips?
  27. Can an Immunologist treat and oversee Wegs?
  28. URGENT- which hospitals & docs best for Wegener's in California, Nevada or Western US
  29. cleveland clinic
  30. update on recovery for blood clots on lungs
  31. Wegener's specialists in the southeast?
  32. Docs in Los Angeles
  33. bladder control
  34. Looking..ENT in Austin, TX
  35. Blood Test - CD19 or CD20
  36. blood work question
  37. Toronto or Canada Wegener's Specialists?
  38. WG specialist in Nashville, Tn?
  39. Names & Locations of Specialists
  40. Chicago area anyone? recommendations questions etc.
  41. Do you have a Wegener's Specialist?
  42. looking for new specialist in PHX, AZ?
  43. Infection vs Medication reaction
  44. Back from Mayo
  45. Always a fight
  46. my vent rant
  47. Clinics??
  48. Access to hospitals and clinics and insurance coverage
  49. Arrogant Doctors my RANT
  50. Which specialist/clinic?
  51. Pediatric WG specialists
  52. Info for ER Visits
  53. Addenbrookes
  54. Reccommendations?
  55. I'm going to highly recommend Dr. Langford at Cleveland Clinic!
  56. Question About PCPs
  57. University of Utah Vasculitis Center
  58. For people in the Pittsburgh area.
  59. where is a specialist in NC?
  60. What Doctors Wish Their Patients Knew
  61. new eyes
  62. What are reasonable expectations from doctors?
  63. being referred to Dr. Lebovics New York
  64. Bilirubin
  65. New for the South
  66. Dentist Advice
  67. stupid resident
  68. A Weighty Issue
  69. A list of Vasculitis Doctors for Canadians
  70. saddle nose
  71. Health Insurance
  72. Advice 1st mayo visit?
  73. National Jewish - Denver
  74. Clevland Clinic in Fl.
  75. Mayo Visit
  76. What Every Patient Should Know About Shopping for Health Care
  77. Does the HIV enzyme find help us?
  78. Doctor RANT!!
  79. Depressed, need advise
  80. Patients Want Open Charts But Many Doctors Don't
  81. Doctor dilemma ???
  82. Skin problems
  83. Headed to Mayo Clinic tomorrow
  84. Labs Monitoring
  85. If you are in the North East Dallas or Denton areas!
  87. Vasculitis clinic at rush university in chicago
  88. Southern California specialists?
  89. Wait time for appointments?
  90. Is there any real help out there?
  91. "Breaking Up" with a doctor
  92. Any experience with ophthalmologists familiar with Wegs in WA/OR or at the U of U?
  93. Very positive experience with Dr. Koening at U of U Vasculitis Center.
  94. Dr. Rosenbaum at Casey Eye Institute in Portland - saw him last week
  95. Irritated and not sure where to turn
  96. Dr Laura B Summers -Orlando FL
  97. Wegener's specialist in Florida?
  98. A problem with my local lab results?
  99. WG doctor in Oklahoma?
  100. *sigh*
  101. I'm sick of doctors
  102. Doctor in Denver area
  103. Spanish Doctors
  104. Vasculities specialist Dr.Langford.
  105. Country Doctor
  106. Newbie looking for direction
  107. What good are ENTs?
  108. ENT docs !
  109. Looking for Recommendation for Hospital/Doctor
  110. More confused than ever
  111. How many days...
  112. how many weggies is your WG doc treating?
  113. Weggie Doctors in Pacific Northwest
  114. Clinical Trials
  115. Great ENT in South-central Wisconsin/Northern Illinois
  116. Weg flare without any detectible anca markerrs possible?
  117. Went to E.R. yesterday
  118. What lab tests are recommended?
  119. Saw my cardiologists today
  120. Specialist consult with local doctor?
  121. level of trust
  122. Cleveland Clinic
  123. Doctors or hospitals in St. louis area?
  124. Doctor in Des Moines Ia or Kansas City Mo area
  125. My Mom now in hospital with full blown Wegeners
  126. Patient Care - comments needed!
  127. Got appointment at Hopkins! How many days?
  128. Does anyone know why Rheumys manages Weggies?
  129. Angry and confused
  130. Need Clearview, FL, area doctors who can diagnose and treat wg
  131. What should an ENT track and how?
  132. Relocating to Washington DC, can anyone reccomend a WG specialist?
  133. UK Clinical Trial
  134. better at Drs office today
  135. get a second opinion or not
  136. Be Careful when being treated at Hospital Emergency Rooms!!!!!
  137. NEW JERSEY Doc?
  138. Need a PCP AND a Pediatrician recommendation.
  139. Determined to find a Wegs expert
  140. Looking for care in Fairhope Alabama
  141. Father needs a good doctor in Arlington, TX
  142. Looking for new docs in Boise, Idaho.
  143. Need a Cleveland Clinic doctor recommendation
  144. MA doctor needed
  145. Mayo Clinic
  146. Please Help - NEED WG specialist
  147. Advice Please
  148. First visit to Cleveland Clinic
  149. Mid Michigan; Need Dr Specializing in WG
  150. Now I'm getting angry
  151. not cool
  152. Doctor of Rheumatology in the twin cities???
  153. never ending
  154. Frustration with doctor and nurse practitioner
  155. he has done alot of research docs
  156. Some nuggets from yesterday's checkup at Cleveland Clinic
  157. I got referred to UCSF
  158. Recommendations for rheumatologist at Mayo Rochester
  159. Trachea dilation
  160. Status post DILATION 24 hours
  161. Dr Olsen...Hershey Pa
  162. My doctors
  163. Dr. Peter Merkel Philadelphia
  164. New list of doctors from VPAN
  165. Dr. Villa-Forte
  166. My new dr. at Cleveland Clinic
  167. Your Next Doctor's Visit Could Get Crowded
  168. Past lab results - important?
  169. Doctor needed...
  170. Needing a good doctor in South West Florida -- Port Charlotte, Fort Myers
  171. please share your hospital experience - sterility
  172. please share your hospital experience - use of Fentanyl, Hydromorphin + WARNING - NOT
  173. What is remission?
  174. Cleveland Clinic Bill...10 months later
  175. What does Cleveland Clinic provide that local doctors do not?
  176. Kidney transplant
  177. Central NY?
  178. Looking for Seattle Area Doctors
  179. Any friends in Northern California?
  180. Specialists In Australia
  181. Pulmonary consult question
  182. MGH or Boston Medical for Vasculitis Center
  183. Should I Just Go to the ER?
  184. Lake Region General Hospital
  185. Looking for new General Physician in the Twin Cities
  186. Looking for new General Physician in the Twin Cities
  187. Awesome Eye Dr (Boston) - George Papaliodis, MD
  188. NYC Ophthalmologist
  189. Pediatric Wegener's Expert?
  190. bev s
  191. Need a new primary care doc
  192. GPA Specialists - Atlanta or nearby Area
  193. Cleveland Clinic frusteration
  194. Is Deborah Heart and Lung ok?
  195. In need of new rheumatologist in Atlanta, GA
  196. I need a Doctor in Denver or at least Colorado, any recommendations?
  197. Doctors in Charleston, Seattle, and Chicago
  198. Doctors in Charleston
  199. Seeking recommendations in Oregon
  200. Looking for a Rheumatologist in the Cleveland Ohio area connected with UH
  201. Any good wegeners doctors in or near Sun City or Phoenix Arizona?
  202. Atlanta recommendations (again)?
  203. Looking for a rheumatologist in Largo/Clearwater, FL area
  204. Who Goes to Duke
  205. Big Thank You
  206. Advise on migrating to Australia
  207. ENT in the US who knows GPA well
  208. Went to duke
  209. Need a referral
  210. New Patient appointment at Cleveland Clinic
  211. Specialist in or near KY
  212. Duke visit and Richmond Virginia
  213. Covid-19
  214. Need a good Wegeners rheumatologist in Phoenix.
  215. need good ENT and rheumy in Dallas
  216. A great doctor wants our help
  217. Hopkins since renal development not being seen in vasculitis center